Sunday, July 13, 2008

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Friday, June 20, 2008

New Service: Blog Translation

We've recently added the ability to translate blog entries. If you're thinking about maintaining your blog in multiple languages - it's for you!

What's it good for anyway?
That really depends on what your blog is used for. If you've got an international audience and are using your blog to send out news, you're going to get much higher response if your readers can read it in their own language.

However, if you're making money from advertising, it can help you multiply your income. It's not another get-rich-quick scheme. Something like, "pay us 20 bucks and get 1,000,000 unique visitors per month".

Posting your blog in multiple languages will get you more real visitors. People search the web in their own language and websites in languages other than English are much fewer.

How it works
  1. Write your entry in your own language.
  2. Copy the title and HTML source of the entry
  3. Paste to our translation system
  4. Get the translated entry and paste back to the translated blog

Is this another plug-in for machine translation?
Our translations are all done by professional human translators. That means, your translated blog is going to appear as if it was originally written by a native speaker.

It's free, right?
No, it isn't. Since we pay our translators for their work, we have to charge something. Prices are between 5 to 10 cents (USD) per word. This entry, for example, has 276 words. We actually paid 55 USD to have it translated from English to Spanish, German and Japanese.

Try it. Visit ICanLocalize and see how we handle website translation, customer support interpretation and quick text translation.